Embedded Software Development

The engineers at Davachi Consulting work on several projects whose target platform is Windows CE and Embedded Linux. The projects involve writing code in standard C++ on the PC and recompiling the software for the target platform using appropriate target compiler. Following this approach reduces the development time and helps keep the cost of the project down for the customer.

A large part of Embedded Software Development involves porting. Porting applications to a different platform is always a challenging task. In order to achieve success and steer clear of disruption to the installed base, Davachi Consulting as an organization dedicates extra efforts to deliver on the commitments made to the customer. Over the past several years, Davachi Consulting has executed many porting assignments with resounding success.

Quality is what our customers seek in products, and quality is what they get. Davachi Consulting can help your business bring embedded solutions to the market quickly. After partnering with Davachi Consulting, your business has an advantage of having a set of talented engineers with focus and skills at your disposal.

PC Software Development

The engineers at Davachi Consulting possess unmatched knowledge of the internals and working of User Interface frameworks like MFC and QT. Your product will reach the market and your customers quicker with the engineers at Davachi Consulting on your side.

Web Applications and Website Development

The engineers at Davachi Consulting can help you and your business in building and maintaining high quality, highly efficient Web based solutions. Your clients and your associates around the World can have access to the systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year without a glitch.

Be it PHP, Classic ASP, .Net or JSP, the engineers at Davachi Consulting can put together your organization's website or web application in no time at all, thus exceeding your expectations in both quality and within budget. We also possess sound knowledge of various databases and web servers. With Davachi Consulting at your side, you can expect your web applications to be scalable, robust and always available.

System Design and System Specification

Our engineers are experts at working with our customers to gather requirements and to create a design for your product that meets or exceeds the expectations. This design is forged into reality and the actual product resembles the initial design. Changing requirements and new change requests are incorporated with ease as the design approach taken by the engineers always considers changes to the original requirements.

Our engineers work with the end users closely to incorporate changes suggested, foreseeing problems and resolving them with grace. Our engineers located on two continents work round the clock to get the product ready in time for delivery.

Several development methodologies are followed at Davachi Consulting sometimes tailoring processes to meet the demands of the customers.

Every project undertaken at Davachi Consulting is executed with the same precision as others. The engineers start off by creating a "system specification" of the requirements of the customer which acts a guide of 'What needs to be done'. Newer requirements and change requests are added as needed to the specification and the information is shared with the stakeholders of the project at all times.

After visualizing the design of the software product, the team of engineers goes about their way of creating a "software specification" of the requirements. This software specification acts a guide of 'How it is done'. After careful analysis and review of the software specification the team commences the 'coding' phase of the Product Development Life Cycle.

Mechanical Engineering Designs

Davachi Consulting also possesses expertise in the creating Mechanical Engineering designs and drawings, specializing in ProE.

Testing and Test Plan Creation

Our test team works closely with the development team at every stage from the beginning of the project. The functional and process knowledge required to deliver bug free and robust products to the customer is possessed by the test team at Davachi Consulting.

The test team's sole responsibility is to ensure bug free deployment of deliverables to the customer. The test team at Davachi Consulting follows several testing methodologies like Black Box Testing, Acceptance testing, Server testing and Manual Testing.

The test team also handles the task of creating a test strategy and documenting a test plan. Working closely with the development team and the end users, the test team at Davachi Consulting ensures a quality product delivered on time.

The test team is always involved during the process and works closely with the development team providing feedback at regular intervals.

The engineers make use of software simulators for unit testing adding quality to the product right from the word go! Post development of the product, comprehensive black box testing rounds is performed to find any bugs that might have crept into the product. The development and test engineers work closely together to iron out any issues to ensure timely delivery of the product to the customer.

Server Setup and Operations

We, at Davachi Consulting, can help setup a full development environment for your company. This includes setting up a server and a backup server with a full written and executed disaster recovery plan. If you are a start-up development company or just need to improve your development environment, we can help setup software source repositories, bug tracking system, file management and file sharing systems, time tracking and project management systems, just to name a few.