Davachi Consulting partners with some of the biggest names in the world of Agricultural equipment manufacturers. We develop, test and release some of the most critical software components which run on the human interface devices of the vehicles including Tractors, Combines, Sprayers, as well as Grape, Sugarcane, and Forage Harvesters.

Spray Control

A Sprayer is used to spray the crops with insecticides, pesticides and the lot. In order to use the available liquid efficiently, the software on the Sprayer helps the operator of the vehicle to accurately spray just the right amount of product at the precise locations, in order to save money and produce the desired field conditions.
Apart from the vehicle itself, the software developed at Davachi Consulting interfaces with other hardware components on the vehicle to achieve what the engineers refer to as Spray Control.
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Automatic Overlap Control

Taking the phenomenon of Spray and Planting Control to the next level is when no manual intervention is required to shut a valve off to avoid spraying, or disengaging a clutch in order to avoid planting in an unintended region. Referred to as Overlap Control by the engineers, it involves monitoring the speed, direction and location of the vehicle multiple times a second to calculate and predict the path of the vehicle.
Monitoring these parameters helps predict if the vehicle is close to boundaries of the field, obstacles such as water ways, or areas that have already been sprayed or planted. The software developed at Davachi Consulting to achieve Overlap Control not only adds value to the vehicle owners but also becomes a selling point for the vehicle itself.
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Yield Monitoring

A Harvester harvests the crop at an incredible rate. Threshing, cleaning and separating the actual crop from the rest with a tremendous speed. The vehicle has several sensors continuously monitoring hundreds of parameters of the whole operation. The software developed at Davachi Consulting analyzes and puts those parameters into perspective for the operator.
At a single glance, the operator knows the rate at which the crop is being yielded, the temperature, moisture, protein and other constituents of the crop, as well as and the amount of crop left to be yielded.
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When a farm vehicle like a Tractor operates, the software on the vehicle logs several parameters of the vehicle, just like a Black Box of an airplane logs parameters of its operation. The logged data can be analyzed and utilized to understand the working of the vehicle and also to gauge its performance with the expectations.
The Telematics project at Davachi Consulting is involved in gathering and sending the gathered data wirelessly on a periodic basis to a centralized location for it to be analyzed. 'On Demand' data transfers were also incorporated in a sense that the data is transferred only on a request by the centralized data repository.
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Software Activation

Allowing usage of the software to legitimate users only is an important part of software development and maintenance. 'Software Activation' involves 'activating' features of the software to users who possess a purchased 'unlock code'. This system utilizes a comprehensive online shopping website to purchase software features, a web service to generate the encrypted unlock codes and keep track of unlocks given out, and display code to unlock and activate features.
The unlock code is an encrypted code which is tied to a specific vehicle (or PC in case of a PC application) which unlocks certain features in the application. The unlock code can be entered into the system via the touch screen human interface device. The software internally performs a similar hash function and matches the generated string to the entered one. Only after a successful match, the software is 'activated' with its full features for the user to use.
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Software Simulators

Virtual Cab is a comprehensive suite of simulators of farm equipments, electronic control units, and the vehicles themselves developed at Davachi Consulting. It is the next-best-thing available at the disposal of the engineers from the actual hardware. It aids in development of new software on the PC saving time and bringing down the project duration. It also has the capability to allow one to mix and match real components with simulated components giving the flexibility of isolating the components to be tested.
Virtual Cab has several simulators integrated into a single software unit ranging from spray and planter controllers, yield monitoring sensors, GPS receivers, AutoGuidance, and much more. It also has an integrated user interface which includes interaction with real recorded data and Google map navigation which can be used for training and marketing purposes.
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